Jackson Analytics, LLC

Why Data Marketing?

Jackson Analytics Data Marketing and Distribution helps investment management firms effectively market the only thing they actually produce: data.

Why Data Marketing?

Data is Your Secret Weapon. so Where To Start?

Investment management firms produce exactly one thing: data.

Understandably, investment managers often are at a loss about how best to leverage their data as a marketing asset. Jackson Analytics can help managers to answer key questions:

  • How do you compare to your benchmarks and peer group?

  • Are your products profiled on the right databases and in the correct categories?

  • Does product AUM substantiate firm AUM?

  • Which products and vehicles are growing by new sales and by client retention?

  • Which data points should you be emphasizing?

  • Where should you be distributing your data?

  • What’s the best way to display and promote your data?

  • What are best practices for data management and effective use in marketing collateral?

  • Can you still use data to your advantage even when you underperform?

Jackson Analytics Data Marketing and Distribution

Data is the proof in the pudding

Data is the evidence of who you are, what you do, and how effective you are as a portfolio manager.

  • Are you a consistent outperformer?

  • Are you a peer group leader? (Market share leaders in their investment categories often win an account using head-to-head product positioning and competitive analyses)

  • Is the data that clients and prospects are viewing consistent, thorough, and timely?

  • What selection of charts, graphs, and performance metrics best illustrate your narrative and track record?

A firm’s philosophy, process, and people are the heart of a firm, enabling grounded decision-making and a focus on executing their style reliably and consistently.

The way we measure success in this endeavor is to look at the data, with effective distribution of that data underpinning a firm’s entire marketing strategy and thus empowering every sales effort.