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Jackson Analytics Website Design process ensures a professional web presence that differentiates. Websites are responsive, SEO, and compliant with digital content best practices.

Website Design & Digital Content Strategy

Thoughtful, Helpful Websites are a Must

Investment management websites are usually miscast as a “digital brochure.”

In fact, the website is an investment manager’s most vital marketing tool. Beyond a personal recommendation or database hit,
a manager’s website is the first place potential clients can learn about a firm’s value proposition.

It’s the best opportunity for a firm to demonstrate true differentiation.

Jackson Analytics website design is highly cost effective, professional, and timely, with projects typically completed in 6-12 weeks for under $8,000.

Digital Content

Most investment managers don’t work with one specific type of client. As such, content should target each client type individually.

Any professional, credible digital content strategy has at its cornerstone at least one of these five content types:

  • Blog

  • eBooks

  • Marketing White Papers

  • Infographics

  • Video

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