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Article: Data is Your Product

The 21st century is all about data.

And that has big implications for investment managers who need to achieve critical mass in order to be profitable and grow their businesses to sustainable levels. In today’s digital world, your firm’s marketing data—performance record, attribution and analysis information, even your assets under management—is your product. That data is the evidence that proves that you are able to do what you say you do—and that you have been able to do it consistently, on an absolute and/or relative basis, over time.

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Daniel Quinn
FundFire Interview: Missing Out on Searches? These Database Errors Could be to Blame

“…Providing databases with detailed and up-to-date information on strategy holdings is how managers can prove they do what they say they do, explains Richard Jackson, president of Jackson Analytics, which provides data management and marketing services to asset managers.

“Data is the product, because what other tangible evidence do you have that there is a product?” Jackson says. “The data actually proves that whatever you say in narrative form you actually do. If you say you’re a small-cap manager and you don’t update your holdings, there’s no way to prove you’re a small-cap manager.”

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Daniel Quinn