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Marketing Collateral Materials

Jackson Analytics Marketing Collateral Consulting includes competitive analysis & product positioning, with design/maintenance for Fact Sheets, Head-2-Headers, Pitch Books, & related digital content.

Marketing Collateral Strategy & Design:
A Cost-Effective Solution

Database subscriptions and professional design services are an expensive Luxury. Jackson Analytics Has the Right Solution

Maintaining your marketing collateral on a quarter-to-quarter or month-to-month basis is an expensive, detail-oriented, time-consuming task that distracts your team from focusing on what they do best.

Jackson Analytics has seen thousands of marketing collateral pieces, so we are in a position to help investment managers improve the quality of their marketing materials while simultaneously cutting marketing collateral budgets by upwards of 80% over the long term.

We offer turnkey marketing collateral services which include professional, institutional-quality design, coupled with responsive, accurate updating.

We design and manage the updates for:

Jackson Analytics Marketing Collateral Consulting