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Marketing Collateral and Digital

Jackson Analytics Marketing Collateral Consulting includes competitive analysis & product positioning, with design/maintenance for Fact Sheets, Head-2-Headers, Pitch Books, & related digital content.

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Marketing Collateral & Digital

Fact Sheets
Head-2-Head Analyses
Pitch Books
Digital Content
White Papers


Integrated Turnkey Solution for Marketing Collateral

Jackson Analytics has seen thousands of marketing collateral pieces, so we are in a position to help investment managers

  1. improve the quality of their marketing materials

  2. cut marketing collateral budgets by upwards of 80% over the long term.

We offer clients institutional-quality design, coupled with responsive, accurate updating.

We design and manage the updates for:

  • Custom Fact Sheets

  • Pitch Books

  • Competitor / Head-to-Head (H2H) Analyses

  • Product Positioning

Jackson Analytics Fact Sheet Template

Website Design

Investment management websites are usually miscast as a “digital brochure.” In fact, the website is an investment manager’s most vital marketing tool.

Beyond a personal recommendation or database hit, a manager’s website is the first place potential clients can learn about a firm’s value proposition.

For so many reasons, a stellar website is often the best, and easiest, opportunity for a firm to show true differentiation.

We use website templates to accelerate timelines while keeping costs down. Employing the service, Squarespace, Jackson Analytics creates investment management websites for clients that are

• easy to maintain

• modern & sleek

• professional & persuasive

Templates largely eliminate the need for time-consuming and expensive custom-coding of the website, which enables us to keep client costs down. An easy interface also allows managers to easily maintain heir own website, without relying on outside resources to update content.

Digital Content

Most investment managers don’t work with one specific type of client. As such, content should target each client type individually.

Any professional, credible digital content strategy has at its cornerstone at least one of these five content types:

  • Blog

  • eBooks

  • Marketing White Papers

  • Infographics

  • Video