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Data Marketing Minute: Some Data is More Equal than Others

Data, in this context, is not only a manager's product; it is their resume. So where in a manager’s data set can they mine for items that will truly differentiate their firm?

Focus on your narratives first.

It might seem odd to focus on marketing narratives as a data point, but just because it’s qualitative (it’s as qualitative as it gets, actually), doesn’t mean it’s not data, and certain doesn’t mean that it’s not important.

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Daniel Quinn
Data Marketing Minute: Automated Data Warehousing is a Must

“Quarter-end reporting is unquestionably the most taxing responsibility for investment managers.

Automating the process through an outsourced relationship with a firm having proven tools and processes not only improves reporting quality, but enables the firm’s key personnel to focus on their core competencies during a vital time of year.”

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