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Data Marketing & Distribution Services

Jackson Analytics’ Data Management and Distribution employs an automated system and team of professional data analysts to distribute client investment data to 50 of the top investment databases.

Jackson analytics data marketing and distribution services

Data Marketing & Distribution Services

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Data Marketing & Distribution

Jackson Analytics is the only independent company offering the investment management industry fully automated Data Warehousing, Data Reconciliation, and Data Distribution to all relevant investment databases.

The hub of our data marketing services is the Vault, the only turnkey solution offering investment managers a completely automated data collection, management, and distribution process.


The Vault provides investment managers with:

  1. Direct, automated raw data import from the custodian

  2. A centralized, secure database to organize and store data for both internal use and for data marketing

  3. An automated Bridge, connecting the Vault with the investment databases our clients populate

The Vault positively affects the entire marketing function by:

Enabling truly automated, accurate, timely database population

Easing the burden of updating fact sheets, pitch books, websites, and other marketing collateral

Streamlining the completion of DDQs, RFPs and other due diligence materials

Establishing an on-demand hub for the entire universe of your firm’s data, both quantitative and qualitative