Jackson Analytics, LLC


Jackson Analytics is highly experienced, with more than 50 years combined experience raising hundreds of millions of dollars in assets

At a Glance

Jackson Analytics is:

  • A full-service, privately-held Registered Investment Advisor with 10-15 team members

  • Managed by Registered Accredited Investment Consultants specializing in both institutional & retail markets

  • Highly experienced, with decades of combined experience raising hundreds of millions of dollars in assets

  • Subject to the same ethical standards as our clients

  • Working solely for our clients—representing the manager, not a database company

We have an intimate understanding of our clients’ target markets.

Our Business is Unique

No one does what we do

  • The only independent, full-service investment management data management and distribution company

  • Secured, controlled, data distribution to more than 50 consultant databases and ready for marketing materials updates

  • 3-tiered data reconciliation to ensure the highest-quality data integrity in the industry

  • Data profile reporting offering full control over an investment manager’s sales, marketing, and compliance

  • Objective and targeted design for every data footprint material

  • No long-term contracts

  • We combine the industry’s low-cost position with service offerings that are time-tested and proven effective

Our Business Philosophy

Our top-line philosophy reflects Richard Jackson’s Long-Held Belief:

We are made significant when our clients themselves gain significance.

You might not know us, but you know our clients, which is the essence of marketing.

We believe the only way for us to benefit, to grow, and to prosper is for our clients to do so first.

Great businesses require great partnerships, and great partnerships are formed when each side focuses on their strengths and trust each other to do the same.

Founder & CEO

Richard Jackson, CIMA ®

Richard is Managing Director and founder of Jackson Analytics, LLC. A licensed professional in the securities industry since 1988, Richard has spent nearly 30 years gaining experience in the investment world.

Richard is a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) accredited by the Investment Management Consultant Association. Richard has held the following licenses: a Series 7 as a Registered Representative, a Series 65 as a Registered Investment Consultant, a Series 8 as a Registered Principal, a Series 63 and a Series 3 Commodities and Futures. Richard is also a Kingdom Advisor.

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