Jackson Analytics, LLC


Jackson Analytics is the only independent, full service data management and distribution company for the investment management industry. Providing secure, controlled data distribution to more than 50 consultant databases, Jackson Analytics ensures data is ready for timely updates to firm and product profiles, as well as a firm’s marketing collateral.

Helping Investment Managers to Better Manage & Market Their Data

Jackson Analytics has a diverse clientele, large and small across all products and vehicles

A Diverse Clientele

Managing Data for Firms of Every Size
Median Client AUM of $1.3 Billion
Marketing Support to More Than 500 Products
Vehicles Totaling Close to $500 Billion AUM

Jackson Analytics is the only dedicated data marketing and distribution firm in the investment industry

Data Marketing & Management

Data Warehousing & Distribution
Marketing Collateral Design & Maintenance
Website Design & Digital Consulting
Database Footprint Design & Due Diligence

Jackson Analytics has clients in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific

A Global Roster of Clients

Based in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific
All Investment Styles
SMAs, Mutual Funds, Hedge Funds, Limited Partnerships, Alternatives, & More

Efficient, Cost-Effective Data Marketing Consulting

Data Warehousing

Combining proprietary software with a professional data management team, Jackson Analytics manages and distributes six key data sets housed in the industry’s only investment data vault, the JA Vault.

Data is available on-demand, controlled and logged, ready for upload to consultant databases and to update marketing collateral.


Data Distribution

Incomplete database profiles and inaccurate data are a credibility killer.

Using our proprietary JA Vault, Jackson Analytics fully automates client data uploads to all relevant industry databases. We also ensure client profiles and narratives are complete, persuasive, and accurate.

Marketing Collateral Strategy

Maintaining a full library of marketing collateral enables managers to keep control of the sales process over the entire cycle.

Core offerings include fact sheets, head-to-head comparisons, pitch books, and marketing white papers. We offer collateral design and ongoing maintenance services ensuring timely updates to client materials.



Website Design & Digital Content Strategy

Websites are the most valuable marketing asset for firms in the investment management industry.

Great websites fully articulate the 5 P’s of an investment manager’s business (Process, Philosophy, People, Products, Performance) and persuade the audience a firm has the ability to solve problems and execute its strategy with effectiveness.


Due Diligence Strategy

Timely, accurate completion and submission of RFP’s, DDQ’s and other due diligence documentation can offer investment managers a valuable tactical advantage.

Data stored in our JA Vault can be readily deployed, enabling investment management firms to complete these questionnaires in 24 to 48 hours.